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Bittersweet Breakups is your one stop source for the tools you need to rebuild your life after your divorce.  In addition to Divorce and Wellness Coaching, we have created a website offering fun divorce gifts, a divorce gift registry, divorce parties, forum, blog, 14 day Single and Sexy weight loss challenge w/ health coaching,  advice, professional resources, daily inspiration, iTunes® downloads, books that heal, and a community of women that care!

Taking from our own personal experiences, we have enjoyed every moment of putting together this site to provide you with inspiration, friendship, advice, and all the resources to help you get through the process intact and empowered and maybe even several pounds slimmer!

This website does not celebrate divorce, but instead, celebrates the light at the end of the tunnel (it is there, we promise). We hope to empower women to endure this painful process with laughter, camaraderie from other women and perhaps even a new “kickass” wineglass! Divorce is hard. There is no real way around that. You just have to walk through it to come out on the other side. As experienced by the founders of Bittersweet Breakups, your best girlfriends and a hot new pair of heels can be the first steps in your recovery and the start of your new, great life!


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Here’s to second chances… and girlfriends!


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A Holiday Perspective




I woke up this morning and as I lie in bed with a smile on my face, and warmth in my heart, I realized just how far I have come from the sad days that preceded my separation and divorce.

I know the holidays are a difficult time for you....Read More »

“Deal fell, Back on Market; Online Dating, Friend or Hoe?”

I woke up this morning, Sunday at 6:00 a.m., restless from 6 hours of sleep. I crept downstairs hoping to not awaken my 8 year old morning “rooster” to check my email and begin my day.

In my inbox, was a potential “match”, from Singleparentmeetup.com. The profile picture,...Read More »

The State of our “Unions” Address- What’s happening to Marriage?

Is marriage really a dying tradition?
Are all these statistics we keep hearing about, real?

After two divorces myself and the experience gained from them, I have my own thoughts of why fewer people are running to the altar and more are running away from it. My curiosity and...Read More »

"D Day" - Your Divorce is Final..


As of 1 hour and 53 minutes ago, I am officially divorced…again.

Although I believe in my heart that it was for the best, I did not expect to feel the level of sadness, finality and disappointment that I have experienced in the days leading up to D day.

I wanted to...Read More »

Fear and Loathing- In My Marriage


It’s been almost a year since my almost official ex moved out. For years I sat on the fence feeling trapped in an unfulfilling and stressful marriage.   It was only after a dramatic spiral into pain pill abuse (following years of surgeries that helped  lead to it)  and depression...Read More »