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characters “Thelma” and “Louise” are two women who met, fell in “girlfriend love” and lived happily ever after… well, with some bumps in the road (and they’re still living… happily). This chance meeting occurred on a cruise ship in May of 1994 where each of the blissful brides was on her honeymoon. Thelma and Louise met three days into the cruise and the honeymoon was over! They were soul sisters that found each other thousands of miles out at sea. Thelma lived in Colorado and Louise in Arizona. Their friendship grew even after the cruise returned to port and, despite the distance between their hometowns, they visited each other several times a year.

Five years and a combined total of six kids later, Louise was there when Thelma’s marriage collapsed, and through laughter and many tears, supported her through a painful time. It was only two years later that Thelma would be there for Louise when she found herself in the same “boat.”

The idea of Bittersweet Breakups was sparked in a Las Vegas hotel spa on an annual Thelma and Louise “wellness retreat” (spa and retail therapy). Six years later, while Thelma was experiencing another marriage breakup, it finally came to be.

This website does not celebrate divorce, but instead, celebrates the light at the end of the tunnel (it is there, we promise). We hope to empower women to endure this painful process with laughter, camaraderie from other women and perhaps even a new “kickass” wineglass! Divorce is hard. There is no real way around that. You just have to walk through it to come out on the other side. As experienced by the founders of Bittersweet Breakups, your best girlfriends and a hot new pair of heels can be the first steps in your recovery and the start of your new, great life!

Here’s to second chances… and girlfriends!

Disclaimer: The names of the site owners have been changed for two reasons really. First, to protect the privacy of the families involved, and second, we thought it would be fun to use a “stage name too!” Get your own at our Forum!


Thelma and Louise

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