Phase 2: Bittersweet Retail Therapy

Bittersweet Retail Therapy

Along with chocolate, girlfriends and a twisted sense of humor, we found the following items served a good purpose in our post breakup recovery.

SHOES! Of all the things I personally have owned/possessed or given birth too, shoes are the one that show me unwavering mercy, loyalty and grace.

“When I feel bad, I like to treat myself.

Clothes never look any good.

Food just makes me fatter.

Shoes always fit.”

-Toni Collette, “In Her Shoes”

So long as you don’t go crazy running up credit which is a very bad idea right now, do yourself a favor and buy some shoes that lift you out of your funk!  Dress up- get that snazzy new and expensive outfit on, put on make-up, those amazing new shoes and go on an errand.  Yes, get OUT of the house.  Even if it’s to buy a latte at Starbucks.   Walk in with your head held high and smile until your heart feels the warmth of it- act as if your life is amazing and you just got even more great news! Notice how people can pick up on your energy and turn their head’s to try and figure out why you’re so damn happy?  And maybe you’re making eye contact with other customers (yes, some men) and exchanging smiles.  You’ve just been admired and wow!  That feels good!

Seriously, go do this exercise, wear those new amazing shoes and pay attention.

The Point- In the scenario above,  your life circumstances have not changed.   Your outlook and energy did.   Your life does not feel “amazing” right now, you’re still going through a difficult divorce and it’s hard as hell. You did not just get some great news and the stylish hot outfit you’re wearing was charged on a practically maxed out credit card! But listen to this- ALL you had to do, was “act as if”.  The only thing that changed was your thought process and in just that shift, you created a change in the atmosphere of your local Starbucks.  Or at least it felt that way, and wasn’t that…nice?  Your brain is powerful and your best weapon in life.  Your thoughts are your reality…

Be that shoe we talked about.  Be amazing.

One other accessory we found quite helpful in masking the puffy eye stage of divorce, was sunglasses. Solstice Sunglasses

Draw attention away from those puffy eyes to those lovely puffy lips with a fabo new lip shade Ulta.