Phase 3: Divorce Vows

Divorce Vows #1: The Amicable Co-Parent Divorce Vows- for the DUAL Divorced Party that have children (when party is for both parties of the divorce):

I, (name) take you, (name), to be my ex (wife/husband), to remember you for the good times, acknowledge we had them and that it just was not enough.  I forgive you for your shortcomings as I hope you will forgive me mine.  I thank you for our beautiful children and for helping me grow as a person.  I promise to show only respect when I speak of you with the children, to align with you on important issues revolving them, and to trust you in your judgment when they are in your care.  I vow to do my best to co-parent with you in a way that best suits the children’s highest good for all the days of my life.  I wish you happiness in your future and always.

Divorce Vows #2: Dual Divorce Party (when party is for both parties of the divorce):

Deeply divided!
We are gathered here today in the presence of our loved ones and less than loved ones to divide (husband name) and (wife name) in perpetuity.

(husband name) do you give (wife name) back to the dating pool?

(wife name), do you return this ring to (husband name) as a symbol of your eternal indifference?

By the power vested in me by some random website,
I now pronounce you ex husband and wife.

You may kiss other people!

Divorce Vows #3: For the Newly Single Woman

We are gathered here today to celebrate a new beginning in the single life of (divorcee name).  
And in beginning this new life (divorcee name) agrees in the presence of those she adores, to honor and to treasure herself, to grow from this experience and refute it as a failure, to take time to know herself once more.
And rather than look out externally for it, to find happiness from within , to continue to grow  both from sorrow and from joy, in the good times, and in the bad, for all the days of her life.

You may kiss other people!