Phase 3: How To Move On

We love this part! Why? Because we have been where you are right now and we know first-hand just how much better this all gets!
And you know who is going to be uber-instrumental in getting you through it? Your best girlfriend(s)! As well-meaning as family may be, this is too often a time of confusion about what went wrong, and they are usually way too close to the situation.

Your probably rolling your eyes telling yourself that you are the exception and that no one could possibly be feeling as low as you do right now. Trust us when we say that if you knew the circumstances that led to both our divorces you would be shocked. More shocking is that the incidents for both of us were almost exactly the same! We are best friends that met on a cruise ship on our honeymoons in 1994. We have never lived in the same state, yet are only a mere phone call away from each other. And we were there for each other every heart-wrenching step of the way. Life really sucked for a while, but we are both in a great place now… and happy. If we can do this, so can you!

All that said, it is a good time to start nurturing your soul, finding your identity and learning from this life lesson!
There are no coincidences in life. Now you’re just more prepared for your life journey.
“Everything is as it should be” – Trenton Lee Stewart