Phase 3: Movin’ On

Maybe it’s over, the divorce papers are signed and you are thrilled to have the onslaught of the emotional roller coaster ride of negotiations behind you. Maybe you’re just starting the process and need some professional guidance. We are here to say…”you WILL survive this.” And you won’t just survive it. Life will get fun, exciting and “normal” again! Trust us when we say that we have walked in your shoes. If we can do it (and we have), SO CAN YOU!
This is a good time to break out one of our all-time favorite sayings. If you truly listen to it and understand it, it will completely change your life:
It is never the situation that causes us pain, rather, it’s OUR REACTION TO IT.

The beauty of that? Drum roll please… YOU get to choose HOW you react to it!
So right now, take a moment and b r e a t h e … something you probably have not done well in some time considering the stress you have been under. Although it may seem unreasonable, taking time for yourself at this stage is critical. Whether that means taking 15 minutes a day to meditate, journal or escape with a good smutty novel Fifty Shades of Grey, take some time to re-energize and nurture yourself. You’ll be no good for anyone without some escape.
Check out our book suggestions (here) for some great reads during this stage.

Whether the legal process is behind you or you are just thinking about the process, you may have other big decisions to make, such as selling a house and finding a new one for your fresh new start. Maybe you suspect your spouse is having an affair, but he’s covering his tracks well, and you just need to know. Bittersweet Breakups has our own in-house Private Investigator for all your tracking needs! And when you DO know the truth, you can sport one of our “Ask ______ where my husband is” t-shirts!

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