Phase 3: Throw a Divorce Party

Divorce is one of the few major events in life where there is no traditional party.  Although the ending of a marriage is no joke, the simple fact that the whole ordeal is behind you is a cause for celebration.  Throw a party to mark this occasion and celebrate your future.

Some feel a celebration can bring closure to a difficult chapter in one’s life and recognition of a new beginning.  It is a second chance at a different life, hopefully one full of the joy that went missing in the last chapter.  It is a new beginning in which you can take all of the wisdom you have learned from your heartbreak to heal yourself, hence opening a gateway to a successful new relationship down the road (if  that is what you desire).  Even more important, it is a look into your own heart and mind and your part in the breakup in order to position yourself in a place that feels great, with or without a relationship.

The breakdown of a marriage is no laughing matter, but rather than wallow in what you feel may be a failure (it’s not), look to the future and the possibilities in it.  Maybe this is the closure you need to put the past where it belongs and begin to find new meaning in your future.

If the marriage ended amicably, perhaps this is a way to let your mutual friends know that it is not necessary to “pick a team.”  That, although you found it difficult to remain in your marriage as life partners, you still maintain a level of care and respect for the person you spent a chunk of your life with.  A divorce party can ease the struggle your friends and loved ones have in their loyalty to you both.  In this scenario, planning a party in which you both host together can be a great way to accomplish this.  We have created our own personal Bittersweet Divorce Vows for your amicable split.  Our own Bittersweet Divorce Registry can also help keep the peace by eliminating fights over who gets the six-slice stainless steel Williams-Sonoma toaster!

Perhaps you’re leaving an abusive relationship or one that really ended in the gutter, and now celebrating a new beginning is looking even lovelier.  Check out these great celebration ideas:

For the budget-conscious divorcee or divorcee’s friend, plan a home party!

For some great party ideas and fabulous food , check out this wonderfully creative, beautifully illustrated and hysterical  book we love:  “Screw the Skinny Bitches…I want to Eat” book in our store.

Finally, we must share with you the secret in our own post-divorce recovery… the SPA!

There is nothing more divine than being nurtured by the caring hands of a masseuse after emerging from the Five Stages of Grief .  You have been to hell and back again, so how about enjoying a little heaven before your great new life begins?

Spa-ing played a major role in our own recoveries and is also where the concept of Bittersweet Breakups™ began.  You have been through a lot and deserve to experience a little bit of the good life!  Send the kids to your ex’s for a few days, call up your best girlfriend and celebrate your new life’s “unveiling” at a kick-ass spa near you.

Find one now at Spa Finder