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Resource: Legal Support

legalCha-Ching!! Ugh. We know how much of a drain this whole divorce thing is to you- between the two of us, we’ve paid three attorneys now! Can anyone say… multiple trips to Maui???? We have found a one stop source to handle the legal process of your divorce and save you thousands in Attorney fees! We have partnered up with an online legal resource that allows the convenience and savings of completing all the legal paperwork necessary to complete your divorce online. Legal Zoom walks you through the process step by step providing detailed instructions to customize your unique situation around incomes, children, assets, etc.

Legal Zoom offers a 3 step system that is easy to use which allows access to many resources to help you understand the process, your rights as a woman and other relevant information. The cost of getting your divorce online is only $299 compared to several thousand’s you would spend on an Attorney. For an uncontested divorce, this is a no-brainer! Click here to find out more.

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